Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Foreign aid to Egypt

OUR EGYPTIAN "ALLY": The United States has mistaken priorities, I'm ashamed to say. We dole out foreign aid carelessly. Perhaps the most blatant example is the $2 billion a year we give to Egypt. Egypt, if you don't know, is under the rule of a pseudo-military dictatorship in the name of the "war on terrorism." The Egyptian government persecutes homosexuals, women, non-Muslims, pretty much everyone. There isn't much freedom of press; in fact, the press is all government-controlled and takes care to accuse Jews of all kinds of evil. Some Egyptian government dailies rival Der Sturmer in the horrible anti-Semitism they spew. Yet we still give $2B a year.

This story is also disturbing. Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's unelected president, held a ceremony where he yelled at Israel and decorated Muammar Gadhafi. That's good old Colonel Gadhafi, the one who went American-killing throughout the 1980s. He's the guy who proposed "Isratine" a few months ago--the merging of Israel and Palestine into one happy state. Gadhafi is also actively seeking chemical weapons--I posted about this in June and will link to the earlier post soon--as well as nuclear and biological weapons. He's priming to terrorize and kill. And Mubarak embraces him and decorates him with a high Egyptian military medal. What a friend we have over there. I have a feeling our money is accomplishing very little.

Afghanistan and Gaza

AFGHANISTAN AND GAZA: Earlier, I wrote about today's Israeli airstrike in Gaza which killed Hamas' military commander as well as nine children. It's tragic, yes. It's unfortunate, yes. But Israel didn't go in there with the intention of killing babies. Palestinian terrorists like the commander who was put to death do.

Ari Fleischer rejects any comparison with the errant US missile which destroyed a wedding party last month. Why? The US didn't know civilians were going to be there. Come on. Does anyone really think that the Israeli military planned this attack in order to kill children? Anyone sane?

I have another question: Where is the humanity of this slain "great man?" It would certainly be responsible of well-known terrorists who are aware that they are potential targets to not stay in buildings with dozens of children. Commonspeak for that is "human shields." It's immoral and illegal under international law. Oh yeah, international law only applies if we can bash the Israelis.

It's terrible what happened, but it was the fault of Hamas more than it was Israel's. Remember what Sharon said in Washington a few months ago after the suicide bombing at a Rishon LeZion pool hall? "Whoever tries to kill us, we will rise up and kill him first." Not Churchill, but gets the message across. Watch out, Hamas.

As Israeli President Moshe Katzav said: "Shehada maliciously chose to locate himself in a crowded residential area," Katzav said. "This is a tragedy and shows how criminal Palestinian terrorists, in order to protect themselves, are using the lives of innocent women and children, intentionally making them into helpless human hostages." The President also said that Israel had no choice but to "attack the person who was directly responsible for the murders of dozens of innocent Israelis."

Israel Airstrikes in Gaza

ISRAEL AIRSTRIKES IN GAZA: Yesterday, Israel launched an airstrike into Gaza, killing the leader of Hamas' military wing. Hamas is the organization responsible for killing hundreds of Israelis in homicide bombings. Unfortunately, several innocent civilians were also killed in the strike--something which has earned Israel the wrath of the world. Let's take a sampling of the comments:

"This extra-judicial killing operation, which targeted a densely populated area, comes at a time when both Israelis and Palestinians were working very seriously to curb violence and restore cooperative security arrangements," [EU foreign policy chief Javier] Solana said.

An extra-judicial killing operation targeting a densely populated area? Might that term be more aptly used to describe Palestinian murder attacks?

"The Secretary-General (Kofi Annan) calls on the government of Israel to halt such actions and to conduct itself in a manner that is fully consistent with international humanitarian law," [UN spokesman Fred] Eckhard said.

Do Palestinians have to conduct themselves in a manner that is fully consistent with international humanitarian law?

The best comment, however, comes from Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat, a man who has made me look at vermin favorably:

Palestinian Minister Saeb Erekat told the British Broadcasting Corporation that the attack was a "despicable" war crime that dealt a blow to peacemaking.

"In my opinion this is Sharon's effort to torpedo any effort to revive the peace process," he said, referring to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Did you hear that? A war crime! Notice how Erakat defends Palestinian massacres of Israeli children, which are quite intentional, as acts of self-defense. This is Sharon's attempt to smash the peace process! Damn that Ariel Sharon, who is preventing the peaceful, loving Palestinians from extending brotherhood and goodwill to their Israeli brethren. Translation into English: "Out damn Jews."